Review: Being mind-fucked by Yeezus.

So I’m totally into Kanye mixing some shit up. My Dark Twisted Fantasy was great, and I have been waiting with baited breath for his follow-up to the enormously satisfying collab with Jay Z. Have a song by song breakdown for my thoughts on this bad boy.

  1. On Sight: Yeah there are good bits and annoying bits. Rhymes are great, flow just smashes it out of the park, but then the weird laser beam shit gets interesting. And. Yeah… just. What? Standout lyric: There’s too many hoes in this house of sin, real nigga back in the house again.
  2. Black Skinhead: YES. Fuuuuuuucking brilliant from the outset. The George of the Jungle drums get a bit interesting, and some of the lyrics in the chorus make me pause in befuddlement, but in general, one of the better songs on the album. Standout lyric: Stop with this coon shit, this is morning cartoon shit. Dunno why, just the one line that I notice every time I play the song.
  3. I Am a God: I don’t quite know how to feel about this one, I think it’s one of those sneak attack songs that grows on you the more you listen to it. Standout lyric: Hurry up with my damn massage, hurry up with my damn Minaj, get the Porsche out the damn garage. YES. But then later: Hurry up with my damn croissants. REALLY? That’s the best you got? Mmmkay Kanye.
  4. New Slaves: YESSSSSSSSSSS. I can jam to this so hard in my car, the beat is great and his flow is ridiculous. But then there’s the standout line I’d rather be a dick than a swallower and all I can think is ohhhhhhh Ye. You really don’t ask for feedback on your rhymes do you? Seriously, my honest first thought when I heard that line was “Soooooooo, you WOULD be a swallower if really pressed then..? Because using rather just means you have a preference…” And then I just really wanted to have been the person in the room challenging him about it. Haha. Oh goodness.
  5. Hold My Liquor: Mmmmmm welcome to auto-tuneland. In general, I fucking hate this song. It’s awkward, the phrasing doesn’t quite sync with the beat which is offputting and the T-Pain levels of auto-tune use just don’t work. Standout lyric: NONE BECAUSE I HATE IT.
  6. In in It: Hard to get into from the outset, and the sexytime in your face lyrics kind of slap you around a bit. About a minute and a half in, I can find the groove, but I feel like that’s just way too long to wait. Standout lines: Eating Asian pussy, all I need is sweet and sour sauce. And the hilarious: I need that wet mouth, I know you need that reptile. Does he really say reptile? I feel that can’t possibly be right, but then it is Kanye. Rep towel? Rap tower? Someone please clarify this madness! Although apparently he’s speaking swaghili, so maybe I can let him off the hook. Fuck, I can’t deal with swaghili. So epic hahahaha.
  7. Blood on the Leaves: Okay so this has the most annoying interjections in the fucking world and I honestly hate him for including them, because I feel like this is such a great track excluding the first 45 seconds. It’s a real shame because I desperately want to skip this every time I hear the interjecting squeak shit, but take that out and you’d have the best song on the album. Standout lyric: She instagram herself like bad bitch alert, he instagram his watch like mad rich alert. He only only wanna see that ass in reverse. $2000 bag but no cash in your purse. YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH YOU DID. Seriously, rhymes like this are the reason this man can call himself Yeezus.
  8. Guilt Trip: The weird 80s video game music is great, but again, it takes a good minute for the beat, flow and rhythm to sync in together which is just plain annoying, because I make up my mind on what I want to listen to within the first 20 seconds of hearing it. Which means I’m more likely to skip this one. The Chewbacca reference gets me back on side admittedly. Standout lyric: None aside from Chewy, but even then the flow kinda sucked.
  9. Send It Up: Yeah no. Anything that repeats a really fuckin’ stupid line like we could send this bitch up, it can’t go down forty thousand times, get out. Fortunately, Ye saves with the verses, but it’s not reeeeeeeeeeeally enough to fully win me over. Standout lyric: Well I can’t really get past the repetitive shit, I’m sure I can find something else some time in the future though.
  10. Bound 2: Great intro. Fucking love this track. Standout lyric: One good girl is worth a thousand bitches. Bow. Hahaha yeah he said bow. Fucking stellar. Hahahahahaha. Talking about not getting spunk on the mink was shockingly brilliant too.

So really, definitely not a bad album, but there are noticeable differences between the quality of some. Was really surprised with the production of the album, incorporates some kinda experimental musical choices with a smattering of hip hop type beats too. Definitely not what I’d have expected from Yeezy but hey man, it’s working for him (mostly) so all praise to him. Can’t wait for Watch the Throne 2.0 though. Love me some Jay Z!


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