Review: How The Cornetto Trilogy melted at The World’s End

We’ve been waiting for a good year now, my friends and me, for the epic finale in our favourite comedy trilogy by Nick Frost and Simon Pegg. And in general, we weren’t disappointed. I got a lot of laughs, moreso than in most “comedies” I’ve seen of late, but while there were the odd smatterings of the running jokes we’ve seen through Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz, it seemed to be in it’s own sort of world… a little bit separated from it’s predecessors. 

Martin Freeman, Paddy Considine, Simon Pegg, Nick Frost and Eddie Marsan

Starting with an ensemble of 5 renegades from the 90s, we slowly unravel down to our two heroes Andy (Frost), a lawyer with a seemingly perfect life, and Gary (Pegg), a middle-aged drunk with a drug habit who can’t get past his glory days and has pissed off every one of his mates in the doing.

In an introduction to Gary – who really is a bit of a dick – he lies to all four of his now-thriving high school pals to get them to reunite for an epic, incomplete pub crawl that they started in their hey-day. What follows is some top-notch dialogue, as usual from the Pegg/Wright A-Team, and a blisteringly fast-paced storyline – we soon discover the presence of Blanks (my favourite nickname for them was Faux-bots but no one else seemed to laugh to much at it!) in the lads’ hometown. Thus ensues a whole bunch of kung-fu moves and body parts detaching.

It’s as ridiculous as it could possibly be, but it’s strength lies in the characters portrayed by Pegg and Frost. It was nice to see Pegg take on the role of a twat, while Frost got a meaty, motivated and genuine Andy. Both were, of course, fantastic performances. There’s actually a little bit of heavy content between them, and finding out the reason they went separate ways after high school was pretty bleak. Thank christ that only moments after the reveal, we have more faux-bots to dismantle and you don’t feel too depressed for long.

Standout moments were the hommage to Cornettos, Martin Freeman’s soccer face, and the line “Why don’t you get in your rocket and fuck off back to Legoland you cunts!”. There were a bunch of other laugh-out-loud moments, but these in particular stuck with me. Whilst a solid film though, I felt that maybe it was not as connected into the trilogy – some of the running jokes being missed along the way, or altered for more subtlety. I feel like with so much blue gunk everywhere though, they absolutely missed out on getting “you’ve got blue on you” in there. Maybe that went with an edit. Pity though, one of the best running jokes of the trilogy. Maybe a director’s cut on the DVD will show they didn’t totally miss it!

In all, a highly enjoyable film with some really solid laughs to boot. Tell you what though, I’m excited to watch it from the comfort of my couch! If you’re a fan of the franchise, it won’t disappoint. It just may not be what you’re expecting. If you’ve not seen Shaun of The Dead and/or Hot Fuzz prior to this film then I’ve got no clue if you’ll like it or not, and you’re also a dick – fucking see SoTD at least!

I’m going to go with a solid three high-fives.


2 thoughts on “Review: How The Cornetto Trilogy melted at The World’s End

  1. Matt Taylor says:

    “If you’ve not seen Shaun of The Dead and/or Hot Fuzz prior to this film then… you’re also a dick.” This made me chuckle, ever so slightly 😉

    • staceyclair says:

      Hahaha good! If I can generate even a chuckle then I’m glad.
      It’s also true. You’re lucky I made you watch them both.

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