Review: Miranda Hart is me if I was 6’1″

Two days ago, my housemate said to me “Have you seen Miranda?” Not knowing any Mirandas, except for my cousin’s girlfriend – about whom my housemate could not have been talking, I replied with a confused look. Housemate went on to explain that it was a britcom about this really tall, goofy, clumsy woman in her mid-30s who basically can’t get anything right. Housemate also said I wouldn’t regret it, that she’d probably hear me laughing through the house because it was that funny. Since britcoms are pretty much my favourite television genre, and I adore goofy people and laughing in general, I said I’d give it a whirl. 

Miranda is now in my top 5 TV shows of all-time. And that’s a pretty mean feat because I enjoy television. In the two seasons I’ve watched (the third is yet to be acquired) and I’m not sure I have ever – and this is honestly no exaggeration – laughed as hard in 12 episodes of anything before. I cried actual tears of laughter in the season two finale (ohmygod you have to see it) and for most of the way through every 30-minute episode.

Miranda Hart is indeed a tall, goofy, clumsy woman. She falls over things a lot, she makes odd noises, she sings all the time, and she’s just generally a quirky woman. She owns a joke/gift shop, that her best friend Stevie manages. They have this incredibly competitive and energetic friendship full of intricate secret handshakes and lengthy choreography, and there’s something magical about their back and forth that reminds me of my best friend Corey.

Then there’s Clive, bartender at the restaurant next door. A minor character, he’s a gem in the episodes he’s in, being sassy and fabulous. The escort episode is particularly brilliant, and he also has a genuine love for Miranda that’s subtle but solid.

Miranda’s mother Penny is just hysterical. She’s a posh woman with all the airs and graces of someone who values her social standing within the community very highly, and who is continually embarrassed by her single, careerless, childless daughter. Her embarrassment is only just seconded by Tilly’s, Miranda’s boarding-school friend, who is a near-mirror of Penny, but with the added brilliance of her ridiculous manner of speaking. She says things like “They paid him all the McCashingtons,” or “chesticles,” or a million other things that only a certain kind of Brit can say and be hilarious. Tilly is constantly embarrassed by Miranda’s ending up half-naked in public or being kicked out of places for her outlandish behaviour.

Adorable kitchen singalong

The only person who seems to totally accept Miranda for herself besides Stevie is Gary. Sweet, lovely, fucking gorgeous Gary. He comes to her rescue when she’s half-naked in the dog park, he let’s her eat the whole cake without passing judgement, and he says lovely things to her all the time and good god I am full of swoon. Miranda has far too many dream sequences for my liking (because I get totally invested and then realise it’s a total lie!) but it’s one of the things that lets me relate to Miranda as much as I do. I totally ship these cuties and I can’t wait to see what happens for them in season three!!

So if you strip it right back, basically, this is a more realistic, female version of Black Books. And there’s less alcohol and cigarettes. But it’s got such strong relationships that you want to invest in, and such normality to the situations that arise (even if Miranda herself isn’t totally normal) that you can see yourself in at least one of the characters on the show. I got through two seasons in two days, and I am positively fucking salivating for season three. Not because of any huge plot twists or cliffhangers, but because I have not genuinely enjoyed watching a show, and gotten so much joy from any one character, as I have done during Miranda.

It’s absolutely one of the funniest shows I’ve seen in a long long time, and I would urge anybody and everybody to give it a go. If you’re having a down day, this will have you laughing. If you love britcom, this is one of the best. If you just want to zone out in front of the telly, you can lose yourself for half an hour in Miranda’s messy life.

You will not regret a second of the time you spend in her company.


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