Review: Now You See Me…? No. No I didn’t.

In February, I worked my last shift as a Duty Manager at my local cinema. Now, one of the better perks of working there was the joy of the trailer loop that played on our foyer plasmas 24/7 (unless you’re talking about Despicable Me 2 – we played that trailer for a year and by GOD I have sworn I won’t ever see that movie on principle alone.)

On my last day, we aired a new loop, and I caught the last minute of something that looked cool. Magicians robbing banks. Jesse Eisenberg, Woody Harrelson, Isla Fisher and Dave Franco. Robbing banks with magic. Morgan Freeman, Mark Ruffalo and Michael Caine also part of the cast.
How could this not be the greatest film of all time?

Let me tell you exactly how.

Firstly, don’t explain any part of “the plan”. Just do some cool shit with lasers and have the characters say things like ‘it’s a blueprint!’ and generally gush over the magnificence of the person who created whatever the fuck it was that happened.

Secondly, write a genuinely good film, but space everyone out by cinematographically fucking with them to the point of dizzy spells.


Oh my god. I have never been so disappointed in the resolution of a film IN MY LIFE. The twist was just. I spent the last five minutes stuck between “WHAT THE FUCK?!” and trying to connect how the pieces were supposed to fit, but failing dismally BECAUSE THEY DIDN’T.

It makes me mad because until about 10 minutes from the end credits, Now You See Me was a solid film. Good actors playing good characters, interesting plot, cool magic things. But for whatever reason, the screenwriters decided they were out of ideas or something, and when I think of this film in the future, I’m going to think “god. If only they’d had an extra 25 minutes to work on that ending…” and feel bad, instead of feeling good about how awesome it was prior to the reveal. And as someone who enjoy films, and writes them, that infuriates me.

I give credit to them for creating a mostly-good film. But I give nothing but filthy looks and a respect level downgrade for their lack of awesome resolution skills. Boo. NOT BOO-URNS. BOO.


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