How the writing goes with The Pavement to Peggy

So as you’ve all noticed, I’ve stepped up my blogging game in an effort to celebrate Queensland Writers Week (woo!) I figured I should take the time to update on how my big project for uni is going. It’s called The Pavement to Peggy, and at the moment it sits at 5600 words. I’m probably going to beef that up, and I’m hoping to add around 2000 words to the total in time for my November 8 deadline. 

Today I had a meeting with my tutor about how my first draft looked, and in general terms, I have a pretty decent draft ready to go. Unfortunately the current ending as it stands is absolutely atrocious, as I wrote it with only hours to spare before the draft was due (ooooooops.) So before he dove in, he asked what I thought of my draft as it stood, and I said that I thought the ending was shit, but I was kinda happy with what I’d started with.

He jumped in and said that he thought my opening scene could do with extension in terms of the setting, that my love scene was awesome (hells yeah, seems like romance writing is my calling actually…) and that I was right – the ending was shit. Then we talked about my protagonist and he asked me some hard hitting questions that I couldn’t give all the answers for, and to be honest, I felt silly because I’ve carried this character with me for so long that I feel like I know him inside and out. But apparently I don’t! Or at least, I can’t articulate it if I do.

So he gave me some things to think about further to the feedback I’ve already been given, and now I just have to manage my time in terms of giving the piece as much love as I can in between juggling a weekend-long conference we’re running at work, normal work hours and having some semblance of a social life. Good lord. I think 2000 extra words might kill me, but we’ll see how we go hey!!


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