The weekend Con

So today we kick off #GCoz13 at work and that’s awesome and also scary. I’m looking forward to it, but somehow I feel like I have no clue what I’m going to be doing and will end up muddling my way through the weekend in a state of semi-shock.


We’re cramming over 200 people into one level of the library and it’s going to be mental, and I’m a bit weird with crowds (which in itself weird considering how much I’ve had to do with them in my working life) so I’m feeling a bit nervous.
The awesome thing about GenreCon though is that I’ll get to meet people like Chuck Wendig and John Connolly, and see other people again that I haven’t in a little while. Plus I get to wear a pretty dress tonight, and my dressing gown tomorrow night. Then there’s the hotel with my awesome coworkers and the whole weekend being catered for. Like a mini holiday but, 15 minutes away from my house hahaha.

Anyway, I had best be doing my last minute checks for things I’ve likely forgotten to pack, and then begin the trek with my overloaded bag. See you nerds on the other side!


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