Nearly there!

Today was a big day. I raised over $300 in a 24-hour period, and I am flabbergasted.

  • My cousin Finn donated all the money from is money box.
  • My friend coaxed her boss into making a $200 donation.
  • Colleagues have sprung from left and right, old friends, new friends, and even those I’ve never met.

It truly is amazing what people will do, and I am overwhelmed. With only $103 remaining until I hit my target, I’m tempted to bump it up again to $2000. I think I can do it with 10 days to go, I really do.


I started looking at headscarves today. I’m going to have to invest really soon I think, so I can practice making the pretty rosette type headscarves before next Sunday’s big event. And also a bunch of headbands, and any other cute beanies for work too.


I’m also starting to feel a little less fierce and a little more nervous. But I think I’m alright, and I think it’ll be liberating. I also can’t wait to keep this promise to Liam, and to make him proud like he always made me. I hope he’ll watch when it comes down to the Shave time. It would be nice to feel him around me at that point. If they get the webs where you are Cousin, I hope you’re reading this and keeping it free for me! I’ll take plenty of photos, just in case you miss it pal.


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