Day one.

So today was the day, and I did it. I cut my hair, I shaved my hair, and I let other people do the same. And now there’s none left. Well, almost none. A smattering.

I thought I was going to have a much more emotional response to cutting off the one thing that makes me feel a bit pretty some days. But I was fine, I was even happy snipping locks of my Mane off. I don’t quite know why, but I think that it was just time to do it. I’ve been talking about it for years, and I guess I got to a point where if I made the idea public, if I made it so that other people knew and it was for a worthy cause, then I couldn’t back out.

The last few weeks I’ve been campaigning really hard to get #ShavingTheMane off the ground as a fundraiser, and I suppose that having done so much work to pimp the shit out of it, it’s made the actual Shave Day much easier to come at with fearless determination? I’m not sure. I guess also being a bit sick of my hair as it was also helped! Hahaha.

A ton of people have given me tips so far:

  1. A million people will call you Sinead O’Connor.
  2. Showering is the greatest thing in the world because the stream of water on your scalp is a weird sensation
  3. Invest in sunscreen or hats
  4. Your personal style will change and that’s totally okay
  5. Sleeping will be weird

So far, my count sits at six for Sinead catcalls, I have purchased two headscarves and a beanie, plus have multitudes of headbands ready to be put to use (and two bottles of sunscreen), my whole wardrobe is going through another Baldy Edition cull this week, and I’m totally prepared for it to take longer than usual to get to sleep tonight!

As for the shower, NO. The best thing about being in the shower with a bald head is NOT the feel of the shower stream against your scalp. NO. People are LYING. Because the best feeling in the world is when, once you’ve wet your scalp, your head is outside the shower stream AND IT DRIES IN THREE SECONDS. THAT IS THE GREATEST THING I’VE EVER EXPERIENCED. I basically ducked in and out of the shower stream fifty times post-shave. So great. Oh my god.


That’s day one. I re-watched Empire Records because reasons, and I felt badass. I can’t wait to wake up and remember it all, and to try to put an outfit on that I feel awesome in for work.

I think I’m gonna like being a skinhead.


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