Review: it’s not even a film, it’s an experience

To say that Christopher Nolan is a master of cinema doesn’t cut it. Not anymore.
Inception was brilliant. The Dark Knight trilogy? Incredible. And Memento, groundbreaking.
But Interstellar is something else. It’s not just bringing something new to the field, it’s changing the entire game.

While I’m desperate to pen a review for it right now (a mere 40 minutes after leaving the cinema) it’s almost impossible. Interstellar is a feat of cinema in every way; visually, aurally, emotionally, thematically… And I just don’t think I could ever do it justice. But I have jotted a few thoughts below, and mostly just want to tell you to go to the fucking cinema right now I DON’T CARE IF IT’S 2AM GET IN YOUR CAR.

CASTING: The McConaissance continues; Mr Matthew has definitely earned himself another Oscar nomination as Cooper. And I don’t know if he can be beaten this season. An absolute scene stealer, this man, and well-deserving of the praise he’s receiving on the world’s stage. While I don’t agree with his Oscar win last year, it would be a crime for him to be overlooked in February. Well, probably…
Jessica Chastain and her younger counterpart, who play Murphy – Cooper’s daughter – are both wonderfully cast, as is surprise-inclusion Matt Damon as a stranded astronaut who’d resigned himself to death on his snow-planet.


The VISUAL EFFECTS were jaw-droppingly good, to the point where I wondered if I actually was being pulled through time and space. The visual representation of Gargantua (the fictional worm hole near Saturn) and the fifth dimension hurt me in my aesthetic appreciation feels, and the cinematography was so sharp it could cut glass. The opening scene where they cut through the corn to chase a drone? Perfect. The giant death-wave rollercoaster? On point. Sidebar: that part was fucking terrifying Nolan, so thanks for dredging up old nightmares for me :/

AUDIO: An organ-heavy score enriched the dark and deep mood of intergalactic travel, and punctuated with thick silences, this soundtrack is one for the books. Incredibly eerie.

CONS: There are only two things that perturbed me whilst marvelling at the glory of this masterpiece:
1. Anne Hathaway’s character, Brand, makes a choice in one scene that defies her scientific background and nature. It is a choice that reinforces some gender stereotypes that made me cringe slightly. And while I can actually see the point being made by the Nolan brothers in this scene, it would have been nice to see Brand’s choice be in line with her previous grounding, or even made by a male character.
2. The length. To be honest, I probably wouldn’t have minded the length had I been sitting further back from the screen and comfortable. But several times I wondered when the end was coming, and frankly it frustrates me to get to that point where you realise how long you’ve been sitting down and want it to be over. Not the movie, the sitting. (But inadvertently the movie because of said sitting.)

If there is one film you venture to the cinemas to see this year, it has to be Interstellar. A feast for your eyes, ears, mind, soul, spirit and heart; you will not be disappointed.

A fundamentally perfect piece of cinema: 9.9 time-melting dimensions out of 10.



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