I R Lame update

1. I have most definitely failed in my Bowie Adventure. I began it, and it was great, but the follow-up fell completely by the wayside. Sorry Dave 😦 I’ll try again real soon.
2. Currently battling a really gross cold, which may turn out to be whooping cough if I can ever get myself to the stupid docs office. Keep your babies away from me!
3. Uni is amazing and hard, and so so rewarding. It also leaves me with zero time between that and work to do things like go to the cinema or write posts. This poor blog suffers epic peak/valley syndrome! I promise to do better on semester break.
3b. I’ma go through my huge bunch of drafted posts and see if there’s any coolness I can get posting in the interim. I’m particularly keen to post the rage blackout that was Abduction – that trashpile from 2011 starring Twilight werewolf Taylor Lautner? Aw man, that was a lot of awful, tragic fun.
4. The Kingsman sequel is on the way, and the more I hear about it, the more excited I get. I feel like I wanna watch the first one again, and just stop watching after the champagne walk, because fuck you Matthew Vaughn. I think I’ma defs do that. IDK why I’m bothering to tell you that but maybe it’s a segue into:
4b. Did you guys see Eddie the Eagle? Cuz that was another Vaughn/Egerton team up and bloody hell, I liked it a lot. American Hugh Jackman always makes me feel weird about life but bloody hell, I liked him a lot too.
5. Gonna go do this assignment that’s due at 4pm. Nothing like a pointless update on your blog for some procrastination time, ‘ey?


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