Cool Stuff Sunday

Friends! Welcome to Cool Stuff Sunday, my new attempt to talk to you more than once every six months, and share things that are important, funny, rage-inducing or just plain rad. If you miss a post, hit the Cool Stuff Sunday tag.

So to kick things off: Låpsley has a new album guys! Okay when I say new, I mean, two months old because I am the absolute worst at keeping up with things. I stumbled over her song Falling Short about a 18 months ago and it’s a longstanding fave. You can listen to her album Long Way Home on Spotify (and probably a bunch of other places like Tidal and iTunes), and can I just say, she is perfect for lazy Sundays like today, or to background soundtrack your next dinner party. Standouts from Long Way Home are Falling Short (obvsssss), Tell Me the Truth, Station, and Seven Months.


There’s been a lot of bullshit in the literary industry of late. Productivity Commission findings want to remove authorial rights, arts funding cuts have the potential to gut literary organisations that foster incredible emerging artists, and parallel importation seems to be an almost-inevitable horror. There are a lot (and I’m talking in the hundreds here) of thinkpieces and responses floating around about the proverbial shitstorm we’re in, but none as eloquent and straight-up as Mr Richard Flanagan’s. 2014’s Man Booker Prize winner pulls no punches in this speech given at the ABIA awards on Thursday night.


Ahhhhhhhh, Guy Sebastian also made his Triple J Like A Version debut with Paces, and as a longtime fan of Guy’s, lemme just say HALLEFRIGGINLUJAH. Watch the majesty of the Keeping Score cover here:


This freaking awesome photoset from the 80s punk scene in Russia (in the words of my eternally punk Dad: “who knew!”) is giving me some ultimate childhood nostalgia feels. Ignoring some historical irregularities of the article itself, these pics showcase an incredible world.


In what’s turning out to be a very musical Cool Stuff Sunday, my very favourite band of all time – Brand New – have released a new single from their soon-to-be-released, possibly final ever, as-yet-unnamed album. I Am A Nightmare has been garnering some pretty mixed reviews. Not necessarily for it’s content, but because managing a bazillion fan expectations is a task the band is not responsible for. The style of I Am A Nightmare harks back to earlier Brand New tunes in the Déjà Entendu era, and it seems like a lot of fans were really rooting for a continuance of the direction taken on their latest album, Daisy. TBH I’m chuffed at them releasing any god damn form of music, but am secretly glad they’re not Daisy-ing again. That one took me a long time to get into, and while I live firmly in the Daisy-lover camp now, I’d really love to not wade through mud to get to that place with the new album. In any case, it feels like 2006 Brand New has come full circle, and that is so fucking okay with me I can’t breathe.


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