Cool Stuff Sunday

I am beyond stoked about the impending television excellence that is Cleverman. Kicking off this Thursday at 9:30pm on ABC,  the promo has been in high gear for a couple of weeks after months of tease-y clips and updates. This afternoon I caught an article in The Guardian from Cleverman creator Ryan Griffen about the genesis of his Indigenous superhero, and my god, it damn near exploded my heart. Didn’t think I could look forward to this premiere any more than I already do. I was wrong.
Here’s the trailer for anyone unfamiliar:


Whoa! Jacqui Pretty has broken down the costs of self-publishing a book in Australia, and it is super comprehensive. Of course it’s merely a guide, but boy howdy is it a good one. If you’re interested in self-publishing, or engaging in edit or design services before submitting your work to a publisher, take a geeze here.


In terms of my travel bucket list, China doesn’t rate that highly. I’ve been to Hong Kong and it was cool but idk, there are just a whole bunch of places I want to be in before China. HOWEVER. We are inching closer and closer to the opening of Disneyland in Shanghai, and these sneaky peek photos are doing all kinds of things to my Disney-loving body. I particularly want to kick it in the Toy Story bedroom (I also want a rubik’s cube bedside table immediately) and hit the Alice in Wonderland maze. If I spoke Mandarin, I would also be LIVING for The Lion King shows.


This week, Cherie Currie (lead singer of The Runaways) kicked off her first ever tour of Australia and New Zealand, and I was in the room at her Brisbane gig. She was bloody brilliant, but I wanted to take a sec to give a major shout out to her support act, Diva Demolition, who hashtag nailed it. They ended their set with this song. It’s not their best, but the clip is Kill Bill-esque and in the style of their graphic novel, which I picked up at the merch table because how friggin’ cool is that for band merch?:


Wrapping up this edition of Cool Stuff Sunday with an INSANE infographic of A New Hope, because it’s fucking incredible. Go and take in its majesty. Oh man, this is one time I’m not even mad about the amount of time people have on their hands.


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