Cool Stuff Sunday

Spent a bunch of time this week belting out two of four of my final assessments for this semester, and discovered that Mr David Bowie’s discography is a fucking excellent way to distract your ears from the boredom/stress. (See, told you I’d do the Bowie Adventure in time!) Came across a particularly excellent playlist on YouTube, featuring a similarly excellent cover of Friday on My Mind. It’s originally an EasyBeats track, which is bloody sad considering Stevie Wright died just two weeks before Bowie. 2016 has been a shocker for dead artists, so super done with it 😦 In any case, enjoy this piece of musical magic and don’t be sad, friend ❤


One of my fave earthly beings and all-round great human, Chuck Wendig, finally fucking listened to Hamilton. This email hit my inbox as I was a third of the way through a rotation of Hamilton so everything really lined up bigtime for me on the lovin’-it scale. I don’t need Chuck to tell you about Hamilton, because it is amazing and that’s the only opinion that matters, but what he says about the exclusivity of pop culture references, and the necessity for some art to be absorbed in a distraction-free zone, really hit home for me. And basically I just wanted to share the convergence of two brilliant things. So shuddup and go read.


I’m a big fan of leggings (who the fuck isn’t?) and my dance instructor recently gifted our group with a link to her secret supplier. She frequently wears insane leggings, like, just, wild designs. And now we all can too, for a handy $75 (ehhhhh). However, I’m particularly obsessed with #CMYK, #DutchFloral, #StrawberryThief, and #FreeStyleScales *hearteyes*


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