Cool Stuff Sunday

I have a penchant for travelling alone. I plan to do a little more of it over the uni break, and once I’ve graduated, I’m hoping to be able to head off overseas again to explore another part of the world as yet unknown to me. For now, while I’m poor and busy, I console myself with reading solo travel tales like this one, and keeping up with my friend’s sister, who has spent the last year (and several others before that) trekking through South America and Europe by herself. I am Jack’s itchy feet.


 THIS VIDEO. Oh man. PERFECT.  “I noticed your confidence so I’m cutting you down to feel powerful! Woooo!”



So, if you guys didn’t get a chance to see the fucking incredible production of The Crucible by The Old Vic last/this year, fear not! I’ve discovered a treasure trove of veritable DIAMONDS in Digital Theatre – a company whose very mission breaks and repairs my heart all at once. Oh GOD go love them. In any case, if you’ve a mind for the theatre, opera, ballet or classical orchestral performances but (like me) don’t have the time or dimes for a quick jaunt to London to catch the likes of Sir Ian McKellan et al, Digital Theatre are gonna be your new bestie. You can rent or purchase live performances, including The Crucible – probably my favourite ever production of this play (and if nothing else about theatre takes you, Richard Armitage’s glorious face/voice/general being should draw you in initially… seriously please watch the play, it’s fucking perfect). You can choose to stream from the website or download for offline viewings. You can buy an SD quality for about the same cost as a cinema ticket, and watch whenever you want. So as you can imagine, I’ve replaced my brother with these guys in my will already.


The rad people over at The Young Folks have collated a great list of 2016 LGBQT YA titles to get your eyes on, and I want to read all of them thx.


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