Cool Stuff Sunday

This edition brought to you from rainy Sydney! ❤

Recently, Betty Who released an incredible cover of Donna Lewis’ I Love You Always Forever, and if it was summer, I’d call it my summer jam. But, it’s her first big hit that I have had stuck in my head for 48 hours and I need to make sure all of you do too.

I freaking love everything about this song ❤ ❤ ❤


Me Before You, both the film and the novel, is copping a swath of heat over the representation of disability at the moment. I could talk a lot here about my opinion after having read the novel last year, but as an able-bodied person, that’s not really my place. So here’s an incredible piece by Naomi Chainey in Junkee, who I think really nails my conflicting emotions.


Loreena McKennitt is one of my fave musicians. She’s incredibly talented, and her interests go beyond pumping out tunes–she’s obsessed with history and travelling too. I was trawling her website to see if she had any plans to tour Australia/New Zealand any time soon, but instead came across this bloody magnificent piece by travel writing master, William Dalrymple, on writing travel narrative. If you’re interested in travel writing, or writing anything for that matter, you should give this bad boy a read.


Austen Fight Club. That is all.


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