Cool Stuff Sunday

Alright so by now you guys know that I am legitimately obsessed with Hamilton: An American Musical (if you didn’t, surprise!). Well, the crazy fuckers over at Wall Street Journal have put together this incredible, interactive algorithm to examine the genius of Lin Manuel-Miranda. The feels.
Further reading: Check out this glorious interview with Daveed Diggs (swoon) about the algorithm.


Have a great article from The Atlantic on ladies kicking definitive ass in the crime genre.

Death, in these women’s books, is often chillingly casual, and unnervingly intimate. As a character in Alex Marwood’s brilliant new novel, The Darkest Secret, muses: “They’re not always creeping around with knives in dark alleyways. Most of them kill you from the inside out.”

Queenpin is next on my reading list so I’m all about this rn.


James Corden is an A+ human and I love most of the stuff he does. This five-minute relationship musical is everything tho:


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