Cool Stuff Sunday

A friend of mine recently posted a link to Every Noise At Once, a weird and awesome algorithm based on the near-1500 genres of music found on Spotify. Click on a weird one and be thrilled by the sudden realisation that you enjoy Freakbeat. ….???


Alain de Botton has published a new work called The Course of Love, a novel (!!) set in Scotland. Over at Daily Life, Alain has also penned a meditation on the reasons Why You Will Marry The Wrong Person. It’s super interesting and highlights some of the key reasons I think marriage is for idiots.


I think Vines are inherently dumb (I am being so negative today, I’m sorry!). But they’re everywhere, and fill up my algorithm-y Facebook feed every single day. Occasionally I’ll spy one that makes me giggle, or howl, with laughter. Like this ball of adorableness which you HAVE PROBABLY ALREADY SEEN but idc I love this stupid video the end. You’re welcome.


2 thoughts on “Cool Stuff Sunday

    • staceyclair says:

      Yes definitely. I was surprised to find that some genres I thought I had no idea about were actually pieces I recognised! Also interesting to see what genres Spotify has registered.

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