Cool Stuff Sunday

In celebration of my first week back at uni, please take a look at this guide to determining whether you’re stressed, or experiencing anxiety. I was surprised to learn some of my own symptoms point to the one I wasn’t expecting. Take care of yourselves, babes!


Harry Potter and the Cursed Child came out today! I nearly betrayed my bookstore roots and went to K-Mart to save $20 but how could I betray my OG fandom like that? In any case, I’m 65 pages in, loving it, and also weeping at any and all references to the original HP series. “Best to do it at a run if you’re nervous” absolutely destroyed me, and this is gonna be a tough week both for my emotions and my studies. Whoops. ANYWAY. In the most depressing news to ever find out while mid-Cursed Child, JK Rowling has all but confirmed that this is Harry’s last hurrah.

Please prepare my funeral, because I will actually implode with grief when I close this book.


YA rom-coms! How does life get any better?! Take a look at these 10 new Australian YA reads and get your god damn mitts on ’em!


So, the Ghostbusters reboot was super fun, and like so many others I fell deeply in love with Holtzmann, played by Kate McKinnon. This article over on Junkee takes a look at how Sony ‘Dumbledored’ her character, and how queer representation still isn’t where it should be in 2016 (no shit).


This article needs a solid edit, but YES TO ALL OF THESE REASONS WHy New Zealand is better than Australia. I would live there in a heartbeat, and reading this makes me want to visit again. I miss that peace.


Writers! Enjoy this great 10 Cool Writing Tips graphic. Simple and smart. DO IT.


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