Cool Stuff Sunday



Over at Writer’s Bloc, Elizabeth Flux talks about writer bios, and how to un-train yourself from the bad habits we all get into in attempting to not look/be arrogant about our achievements.


More adaptations you say? UNPOSSIBLE. And yet, here by the grace of SBS is another 20+-item list of pages coming to life onscreen in the near future. YES PLEASE.


TRAILER TIIIIIIIME. I would like to marry any and all leads thanks.

UMMMM considering how kickass the teaser trailer was, I am now beyond help about this series.


*cries* *dies* *repeat for infinity*
I don’t quite have the words to express my feelings about every single thing about Atlanta. I just need September 6 to hurry up.


This is up on Netflix but I haven’t had a chance to watch it yet and I’m practically crying every second that passes that I haven’t seen it. SO YOU’RE ALL GONNA WATCH THE TRAILER AND LIKE IT OKAY? (plus also omg my husband Shameik Moore from Dope! *more crying/dying*)


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