Cool Stuff Sunday

As a person who often suffers motion sickness when travelling (don’t put me on a bus longer than 20 minutes, seriously), this sciencey article on the reasons why it occurs is truly awesome. And I mean the real kind of awesome where I’m a little bit terrified. Seriously, human biology is nuts.


Cherie Currie played Rebel Rebel at her gig at The Triffid earlier this year and it was so emotional. But this one has absolutely killed me with feels: 1000 musicians paying tribute to David Bowie. Does it get better than this?



As we get older (my birthday is in just over a week, how does this keep happening) more and more of our friends and family experience illness and trauma. For those not going through it, sometimes it’s hard to know exactly what to say to someone you love who is dealing with something you can’t understand. If you’re in that boat, take a look at this near-perfect article over at The Cusp that will help clear things up a bit.


The assumption that people who do things to express their identity are morally superior to people who buy things to express their identity obscures the fact that the experiences our culture celebrates require access to time, money and resources.

Neha Kale has written a fucking amazing piece over at Daily Life on the fetish of experience over material items. (Do yourself a favour and don’t read the article by the douchebag who makes $130k and refuses to buy anything other than ~experiences~. I yelled “fuck off” very loudly after reading two sentences. Don’t hurt yourself.)


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