Cool Stuff Sunday

I really needed this laugh today. Thank you everyone.


Over at AWOL, Kate McCabe has put together an hilarious and hugely accurate list about the differences between long- and short-term travellers. Laughed so hard at the references to Excel, of which I am 100% guilty. I can’t say I agree about TripAdvisor though…


As if I was capable of not dying over this news: DID YOU SONSABITCHES KNOW LESLIE ODOM JR (aka the OG Aaron Burr on Broadway’s Hamilton) WAS IN AN EPISODE OF GILMORE GIRLS? I didn’t because I hate GG, but I’ve been forced to watch it by friends who love it and I literally just watched the episode where he was Rory’s journo adversary and basically has he always been A. Burr or have I passed out and hallucinated too much I CAN’T BREEEEEEEEEATHE RIGHT NOW *dies*


I really dig what the guys over at The Cusp do. Sometimes, I get a nice surprise by seeing my friend’s name in a byline. On Thursday night I clicked through to this awesome article on switching out items in different areas of your life when budgeting is a priority, and lo, there is my buddy and primo human, Lauren, sparkling as usual. Go and get some finance tips!


Been obsessed with this powerhouse tune for a few weeks now after seeing Demi perform on Ellen. Dayum, man. Those pipes.


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