Cool Stuff Sunday

Because I love AWOL, I’m basically just going to link everything they ever do. BUT, for today only, I’ma just post one: 10 mistakes we ALL make when travelling (and how to avoid them).


No explanation for the following needed:


My friend posted this beautiful comic on happiness from The Oatmeal the other day, and I was so completely winded by its truth that I have to share with you.


It’s three days until Donald Glover’s Atlanta premieres on our TV screens (idk where I’m gonna watch it or how but it’s GONNA HAPPEN). Anyway, he’s been doing some press in the lead-up, including this major piece for Vulture. Go read some goooooooood shit.


The folks over at Film School Rejects have popped together a cool list of great soundtracks of “the summer”. I use quotation marks because we’ve just finished winter here is Australia, but I’ll let it slide I guess because THIS LIST IS SO GREAT. I’m very biased about the Swiss Army Man soundtrack because the two guys who wrote it are from one of my fave bands–Manchester Orchestra–and their excitement for the project is one of the reasons I was so bloody psyched to see the film (which I really, really enjoyed btw).


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