Cool Stuff Sunday

We are nearing the close of Brisbane Writer’s Festival, and I can’t believe it’s nearly over for another year! Yesterday I had the chance to interview the bloody marvellous Kirsty Eagar, who’s written probably my fave New Adult romance of 2016, Summer Skin. Set in Brisbane at The University of Queensland, Kirsty’s written a sexy, fun novel that takes a look at hookup culture, and the perverse ways social media dictates out interactions. Clementine Ford called it “the feminist love story girls have been waiting for” so you know it’s gonna be a fab read. Anyway, two feminist water babies talking romance? Yeah, I had a pretty excellent time at our session. Today I wanted to spruik Kirsty and her works (Summer Skin is her fourth novel), because she is awesome and you should definitely be reading her books. The end.


Wanna see some awesome historical photographs taken in Paris? Head over to The Local and feast your eyes on these 15 magnificent images. I am completely in love with the bizarre leg heater (number 10), and why would you not do swimming training in a pool (7)?


Continuing my Hamobsession, I am eagerly awaiting The Hamilton Mixtape (as are many!). To get you pumped up for its release, take a quick look behind the scenes with Tariq Trotter in this interview over at Entertainment Weekly.


I’m all about people being happy, feeling good and loving themselves. It’s sometimes such a tough gig, but it matters so much to be able to look in a mirror and feel more than apathy. Over at the Greatist, Susie Moore gives us 13 things to ditch for happiness. Gotta say that a lot of these are primo joy-inducers, so get on it, babes.


Ever heard of Teleport? This berserk website (link goes to AWOL for instructions etc) takes your financial situation, your travel preferences, and ideal rental requirements to magic an algorithm into telling you the best cities in the whole world for you to live. My top 3 were Prague, Vienna and Berlin so apparently I’m off to Europe, but secretly I’m gunning for my fifth best match, Edinburgh 😀 Take a look at the site and tell me your Top 3 cities in the comments!


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