Cool Stuff Sunday

Normally I get a bit huffy seeing articles about travelling as a single female, but there are quite a few places in this AWOL list that I’m keen to head to, so thought I’d share for the babes flying solo ❤


It’s been a bit of a rough week this week after Lionel Shriver opened Brisbane Writer’s Festival with a divisive address on identity, cultural appropriation and the right to write last Thursday. There was a lot of hurt caused, and words exchanged, and a ‘right of reply’ pop-up session held at the festival. So it’s been intense. This article on Medium written by Ana Thomas is an incredible exploration of cultural appropriation in the fashion industry, but the points carry over to general life.

That blind entitlement is the foundation in which a person’s defense can begin to grow and also find a distorted justification, when confronted. Oftentimes when someone is called out for appropriation by the community from which they’re stealing — they take offense and go on the defense. Responding aggressively or decidedly taking an uninvolved stance through passive language.


So apparently scientists have been researching fertilisation and KABLAMMO we may be able to fertilise pseudo-embryos if this experiment on mice is anything to go by… ~weird science~


I can’t say I’m the world’s biggest South Park fan. I’ve seen a handful of episodes over the years and–for the most part–enjoyed them. But I’ve never been swayed enough to sit down purposefully and watch it, unless you count those times when my mother watched it religiously every week (100% not a lie). Anyway. There’s a really great oral history of South Park making the rounds on The Hollywood Reporter, and I read it gleefully. So you probs should too.


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