Cool Stuff Sunday

I have so much to say about this berserk video, but first and foremost, who puts the world’s saddest musical tunes on a karaoke playlist at a kids party? Shit kicks up a notch at the two minute mark onwards. and then the first second he opens his mouth in the second video. What an absolute killer!


If there’s ever a week I don’t talk about Hamilton or Lin-Manuel Miranda, please check my vital signs. Anyway, Lin-Manuel did an interview with GQ this month and took a bunch of bangin’ shots and you should go read it because it’s full of great insight about being an artist and a bunch of cute AF Lin stories.


Being bi-sexual in pop culture (or IRL tbh) is a bit of a bust, because people tend to think you’re confused or must secretly be gay or straight but just have strange commitment issues (yeah, no). The kids over at Junkee mag are doing a shout-out for a couple of new releases that explore the realities of bisexual characters. And considering I’m in the midst of writing a rom-com with a bi protagonist, I AM ALL ABOUT THIS.


Go check some incredibly beautiful artworks by John Austen, who’s created a suite of pieces based on Shakespearean plays. I’d recommend following the link through to the full gallery ❤




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