Cool Stuff Sunday

Arts workers famously earn fuck all money (can attest to the veracity of the statement), so ArtsHub have done us a solid and complied a list of 50 Ways to Make A Living in The Arts! Hooray!


One of my fave movies from the last few years, Turbo Kid, is getting a flippin’ sequel guys. Oh ma gadddddd ❤ Here’s the film clip/prequel too.



Fancy a trip through the English countryside? (Yes is the only correct answer to that btw). Take a squiz at these beautiful Austen-esque accommodation options over at Verily and get planning. I am beside myself in love with the Northanger Abbey Suffolk priory and need to live there yesterday.


Taika Waititi is one of my favourite human beings on the planet, and this interview is a prime example of why. Creative nomad. Just. MARRY ME ALREADY.


Feminist reads! Added these to my TBR list, and would like to add Unspeakable Things by Laurie Penny to the mix.


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