Cool Stuff Sunday

Get yourself some life lessons by the women of Jane Austen over at Verily. All awesome and true.


I’ve always been rather intrigued by Arthur Amon’s theory of love. He posits that if you ask these 36 questions to a complete stranger–or someone you fancy a bit–and then stare into their eyes for four minutes (…………………………. that seems unnecessarily lengthy), then you’re pretty likely to fall in love. Looking at the questions, they seem like the kinds of things you’d share with someone you’re in a relationship over time, so it’s actually just the Express Lane version of intimacy. Anyway. Spotted this successful crash test of the theory, and was spurred on to find out the success rate of the 36. Find some other interesting results here, here and here. This one is probably my fave, but this was a punch to the feels.


I am a massive massive fan of Daniels’ bloody insane film, Swiss Army Man, and a fan of Daniel Radcliffe (how can a HP fanatic not be tho??). It’s really cool to listen to DanRad chat to The Empire Film Podcast about his prep for playing corpse bride, Manny; his general excellence in stunts; and amazing insight into his own progression as an actor since the Potter films (special mention to Kill Your Darlings and Horns!). I’m also now super pumped to see Imperium and #thesweatyrevenant???????????????????? BIZARRE. Go listen.


It wouldn’t be a Cool Stuff Sunday without a Shakey reference, so head on over to McSweeneys for this ~amazing~ list of The Housewives of Shakespeare Tag Lines. Short and sweet!


Yesterday I watched this heart-stopping short film, Borrowed Time. Set aside 6 minutes and do yourself a favour.


And to round off the afternoon, here are 13 great questions to kick around at your next book club session.


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