Cool Stuff Sunday

Kicking off today’s post with some pretty sobering news: arts workers are twice as likely to attempt suicide as the general population. In light of this report, I thought it would be good to link back to ArtsHub’s article on self-care in the arts workplace. Be good to yourselves, and each other, babes ❤


My good pal and writer extraordinaire, Peter M Ball, is full of incredible writing advice over at his blog, but this piece he wrote on the perils and advantages of proper time management is bloody excellent. Even if you’re not actively pursuing a writing career, this precise and encouraging method of calculating your time can be great for allocating time to personal projects, or reallocating your hours to things that matter to you.


Sometimes freelancing sucks. Here’s a quick read on how to navigate a tricky relationship with an editor, thanks to Travel Write Earn.

They’re doing their job the way they think works best for them, so you need to do yours they way that’s best for you.


If you don’t know already, I bloody love Taika Waititi. His movies Boy, Eagle Vs Shark and What We Do In The Shadows (plus that little flick Hunt For The Wilderpeople) give me utter joy, and I thank GOD he wandered into filmmaking. Anyway, further to my last Taika post, head on over to his Reddit AMA thread for some amazingness. I had no idea he wrote the original screenplay for Moana?! *dies*




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