Cool Stuff Sunday

Holy christ, I have like 8 days until all my final assessment is due and all I’ve been doing is reading this amazing #longread on Buzzfeed about the History of The Cool Girl. *hearteyes*


Yooooooooooo, so Teyana Taylor (of Fade/amazing rig fame) is doing a new dance workout program called Fade2Fit, and yes I have already signed the fuck up. Details on the program are pretty sketchy at the moment, but I have unmanageably high hopes.

If you need a reminder of who Teyana is, or just want another glimpse of the kind of body actual real life humans can have (I’m still not convinced, it’s too good), check the clip for Fade below:

As one of my friends said “Thanks for reminding me of this video clip, now I have to go to confession again.”


Last week, I was lucky enough to see one of my absolute favourite humans of all time, Glen Hansard, perform with his incredible band for his Didn’t He Ramble tour. Aside from being another feather in the ‘I Love You Glen’ cap, there was a buzz of joy pulsing through the room from the first second the musicians stepped on stage that I haven’t felt at a gig in a long time. Anyway, Glen is a fucking magical human being, and his interview on Radio National while he was here is worth a listen if you’ve any mind for musical genius.


Girl in Pieces has been on my To Read list for a little while. Recently, the author penned a wonderful open letter about self-harm, both to self-harmers and those who love them. It’s pretty important, so go have a read.


Ending today’s post on a slightly lighter note: cute AF bridesmaid dress mismatching!


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