Cool Stuff Sunday: bumper edition

So for the first time in months, I haven’t posted for two Sundays in a row ­čśŽ I AM SORRY LOYAL HUMANS, I was very very not alive after a major work project/event and several uni deadlines happened in the space of ten days. My gift to you is a GIGANTIC edition of Cool Stuff Sunday today, so enjoy many ridiculous things that I’ve found over the last fortnight. You’re welcome.


I am a very annoying, affectionate person. My friends both love and hate me if we haven’t seen each other in a while, because one of the ways I express emotional reactions is by touching another human being, i.e. I will hug them for a very long time and smoosh their beautiful faces. Anyway, Mental_Floss has put together some “rules” (i really don’t know why they’re calling them rules but ok M_F, you do you) about touch, and how important it┬ácan be in alleviating some symptoms of depression.


Speaking of it, a┬ánew study has found that depression may actually originate–at least for some people–in our immune systems. Take a look at this article over at the Sydney Morning Herald for one of the most interesting reads on neuroscience this week.


The TOM HANKS TAKEDOWN over on Buzzfeed was amazingly gripping for a roasting of one of my faves??? Charting the rise and fall of Hanx is pretty spectacular, and so insanely in-depth that I’m left wondering if, in fact, the author has done their entire PhD on him. (Nice one if so).


It’s November so as is my body’s wont, I’m getting itchy feet again. I’ve seen some berserk travel deals in the last month, and finally investigated what the heck an error fare is thanks to my buddy Tofu Traveler, who has some excellent tips for getting your cheap on when planning your next trip.


R U INTROVERT? Have some tips about doing life.


Who loves Beyonce?┬áMe! Most of the time. If you do too, take a look at these mash-ups of Bey tunes with other excellent tunes. I’m particularly stoked with the Partition/Bitch Better Have My Money track, and the Halo/Fire Meet Gasoline┬ámash-up is scratching at my insides, but┬ábasically these are all magnificent.


Not part of the Beyhive?

Head over to the NME for a collection of Bowie’s isolated vocals on some of his most masterful pieces. What magic we have lost this year ­čśŽ


An important discussion on what we need to talk about with our children when we talk about consent and body autonomy. 


Pete Souza, the man behind the lens over the course of Barack Obama’s presidency has shared some of his favourite ever photographs of the outgoing President (jesus that’s hard to write). Wonderful, funny, heartwarming and poignant. I’m gonna miss this guy.


Am absolutely loving my rewatch of Sailor Moon currently, and stumbled across these 15 things you might not know about good old meatball head. GET IT TOGETHER, TUXEDO MASK!


And to take us out, here’s a thing. I saw A Monster Calls earlier in the week, and it annihilated what was left of me after a pretty huge fortnight. It was an absolutely beautiful retelling of Patrick Ness’ work, but┬ámake sure you take someone who’s going to hold your hand while you heave wracking sobs next to them.


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