Cool Stuff Sunday

The Hamilton Mixtape is gonna drop real soon, and I’m dying with anticipation, but in the meantime, I’m spending every available moment on Lin-Manuel’s soundcloud account. It’s an incredible insight into his writing process. One of the most mind-blowing tracks (aside from the haunting demo of Satisfied) is this early draft of My Shot, complete with extended HERCULES MULLIGANNNNNNN (soz had to) verse:


Looking to travel somewhere there are fewer crowds or less tourists to combat in queues at beautiful landmarks? NatGeo have put out a great list of 10 places that need more travellers. A couple of spots out of left field, but Armenia looks pretty freaking lovely, and I’ve always wanted to see Nepal.


Continuing with the travel thing, now that I’m itching to get on a plane again now, here are some practical tips to saving your hard-earned cash for your next trip, thanks to my pal Tofu Traveler. I really am going to have to say goodbye to Apple Music, aren’t I?


Silverchair is one of the best bands to come out of Australia probably ever, and I was stoked to find Triple J have done a huge retrospective on the J Files podcast. Catch the episode–featuring a pretty in-depth chat between The Doctor and Daniel Johns, and the accompanying four-chapter breakdown. Epic.


As a lifelong Potterhead, it’s been interesting to watch the growth and expansion of the Potterverse since part two of The Deathly Hallows was released. This wonderful piece over on Buzzfeed really gets to the heart of how strange it feels to not be excited by more of something I have loved since I was 11. (FYI, I definitely, absolutely, unequivocally want a TV series about the Hogwarts Founders, so if someone at Netflix can run with this, that’d be super.)

With the Harry Potter franchise, it’s not an issue of quantity — it’s one of quality. The community around Harry Potter is used to being overwhelmed by material. They were revolutionary in that field, innovating what it meant to be a fan in the age of the internet, and serving as a gateway to many of what we consider the major fandoms and pop-cultural phenomena of the past decade.


And to round off the day, here is my pal Simon Groth with the only response to Dylan’s Nobel Prize I care about. Absolutely spot on. A+. Five stars. Etc.


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