Cool Stuff Sunday

Firstly, sorry for last week’s sad one-link post! I started collating my weekly finds and then conveniently just… didn’t. So anyway, enjoy this make-up post ❤


I find prison an incredibly interesting environment from an outside perspective, and recently, Buzzfeed partnered with the Howard League for Penal Reform to publish inmate diaries from one day in September this year. Interesting to read just how boring it can be.


Thinking of packing up shop and moving overseas? I know I am. Check out these handy tips over at The Cusp on doing it without fucking up!


My cousin Mal recently took a trip back to Tanna Island to discover more about our ancestor, Tommy, and his trip from Tanna to Queensland back in the 1800s. He found some incredible things out, including the fact Tommy wasn’t blackbirded as we had long suspected, but in fact desperately wanted to get off the island. #themoreyouknow


How is this even real? *cries*


Okay so apparently there are people who can’t visualise things in their mind. These people are called aphantasiacs, and one of them has written this amazing insight into discovering he had it. Humans are so weird and I absolutely love it.




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