Cool Stuff Sunday: Christmas edition

Look, I really hate Christmas, so let’s get this shit out of the way alright? Merry whatever-you-celebrate (it’s Festivus for me if you’re wondering). Now, let’s get down to some bizness.


Did my annual rewatch of Love, Actually on Friday night, and in amongst yelling at the terrible parts (since when is ‘telling the truth at Christmas’ a thing?! IT’S NOT, EVERYONE SHUTUP!) I found this amazingly funny piece on Pajiba about the many many workplace issues that arise throughout. Take these fuckers to HR!


As a lover of Emily Brontë’s works–both poetry and prose–I am always fascinated by the mystery surrounding who she really was. Having visited the Brontë parsonage back in 2007, and being in the beautiful surroundings of Haworth, it’s easy to see how someone could get lost in their own stories there. As such, I’m very happy to report there’s a new narrative about the life of the Brontë sisters on BBC One this Christmas, which delves into the period when all three were working on their first novels. Will have to find a way to watch all the way down here in Australia!


Feminism + books = ❤ ❤ ❤

I’m very excited to read every single book on this list (and I highly, HIGHLY recommend Summer Skin by Kirsty Eagar, because it is a fucking treasure of a book, and so is she).

So get your hands on some incredible writing about feminism by incredible feminists and get educated!


If you’ve got some time off for the Christmas/New Year period this week, why not spend some of your time with one (or more!) of these fascinating documentaries? Head back to work in January and amaze your coworkers with your intimate knowledge about the enigmatic Rodriguez, or the deeply troubling revolution in Egypt, or Cuba or the Ukraine. At least then you won’t have to talk about your homophobic uncle, right?


Letters to Santa by Shakespeare characters sounds like the best and worst thing I’ve ever heard, but here we are and I am happy to confirm they are soooooo worth reading. I think my fave is probably Hamlet’s letter, but tbh that’s most likely to reflect my dark as fuck disposition currently. R&J and Puck also rate mentions ❤ Cheers McSweeneys!


I am a HUGE fan of Dev Patel, and have been since falling madly in love with his character, Anwar, in Skins. His latest feature, Lion, is due for release in about a month here in Australia, and I am basically clawing my skin off with the anticipation.  Anyway, here’s an adorable as all get out interview with Dev in GQ. Also that plaid suit *hearteyes*


As we head into a new year, and a fafillion New Years Resolutions flood your social media feeds, take a squiz at this excellent piece over at The Cusp on how to kickstart your drive and motivation. If you feel like you’re trudging over the finish line of 2016 and need some simple guidance to getting your mojo back, click the link click the link click the link.


Right. I’m off to air my grievances. Happy Sunday!


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