Cool Stuff Sunday: New Years edition

Holy shit guys, we’ve finally made it! Good-fucking-bye to you, 2016; see you in the seventh circle of hell!

New year, new stuff. Have a bunch of great ways to kick off your 2017.


Make sure you’re practicing some self-care this year. We’ve all had a shithouse time of it for the last 365 days, so pull your socks up and employ some of these tips to look after yourselves, babes ❤


Something that wasn’t shit about 2016 was the amount of incredible literature published. The Guardian asked some of Australia’s best-loved authors for their tops picks from 2016.

On the topic of “best of 2016” lists: the 50 best podcasts, and the 10 worst movies!


Make a resolution to get off your butt and get healthy this year? I probably did. Find your new running track in Brisbane here, take a holiday for your health here, pack better work lunches here, and if you just wanna work on yourself in the privacy and comfort of your own home, here are 5 core strengthening exercises that require only one thing: a wall.


If you want to travel more in 2017, get reading:


And finally, if you’ve set your sights on the dating scene, or just need some new ideas to enliven date night with your number one bae (I’m so sorry, I wrote this in 2016 and bae will definitely never appear in any future CSS posts), The Cusp have put together some super ideas that won’t empty your wallet.


Go forth into the bright sunshine of a new year my sweet babies. You deserve it x


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