Cool Stuff Sunday

Did you take your Myers-Briggs personality test yet? No? Okay well go do it and learn some shit about yourself. THEN, head to this brilliant Psychology Junkie article to identify your stressors. It gives incredibly useful tips about reacting to and relieving stress according to each personality type. As an ISFJ, this is too real and terrifyingly so.


I fucking love Too Many Zooz after catching a video of them busking in the subway. I share that video every time it comes up in my Facebook feed, to the extent that my friends and fam now tag me whenever they see TMZ or Lucky Chops clips. Today, in the comment thread on a Lucky Chops performance I’ve seen a couple of times, I found this freaking GEM of Too Many Zooz busking at Christmas time. There are many santas and elves splashing cash and it’s all very adorable. Do yourself a favour and spend 10 minutes on this atrocious display of talent. The mind boggles, really.


Everyone in the world who has a brain and/or emotions is grappling with the feelings that are accompanying the imminent departure of dream team Barack Obama and Joe Biden from The White House. To ease your suffering, take a look at this recap of some of the best Obaden memes from the last few months.


For the last month or so, I’ve been bingeing on The Hook Up–a podcast of the Triple J segment that airs every Sunday night. The podcast, hosted by supermegababe Hannah Reilly, covers all manner of topics to do with sex, relationships and everything in between and it is bloody excellent. Even episodes dealing with topics I’d never thought to look into further (the recent show on living with HIV for example) are enlightening, funny and incredibly moving in some instances, and provide perspectives that maybe you didn’t know you needed to hear. Go check it.


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