Cool Stuff Sunday

Okay so I’m gonna caveat this link with the statement that some of the opinions in this article about self-publishing in order to live as a veritable nomad are laughable (traditional publishing is not dying, you utter bellend), BUT, I read this and felt semi-inspired to get back into my writing projects, so thought I’d share.


On that, are you looking for more opportunities to spend some time focused on your writing projects? Aerogramme Writers Studio have collated this maaaaaaassive list of writing residencies and fellowships in 2017 from around the globe. BRB, applying for all the things.


YouTube came the fuck through for me with this UNFUCKINGBELIEVABLE Hollywood Reporter roundtable with two of my husbands, Donald Glover and Lin-Manuel Miranda, PLUS Damien Chazelle (of Whiplash and La La Land directorial fame), fierce kween Issa Rae (*dies*) and everyone’s favourite dad, Jon Favreau. Holy HECK this was the best hour of my week BY FAR.


And lastly for today, over on Junkee, Rebecca Varcoe takes a look at the disparity of experience in the arts. So much of this rings true, but, I don’t know what’s next. Lots to ponder.


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