Cool Stuff Sunday

The bloody Oscar nominations are out and I am SO HAPPY because Tanna has been nominated for Best Foreign Language Film! I’m also stoked for Land of Mine, a Scandinavian film on the clearing of landmines from the coastlines of Europe after the second World War, and the fact that Arrival (a genre film) has been given a nod for Best Feature. Literally cried that Lin-Manuel Miranda has the chance to become the youngest EGOT recipient ever for his track How Far I’ll Go from the Moana soundtrack, and that Lion–an Australian film!–has been recognised across multiple categories. Speaking of Lion, are you wondering why Dev Patel has been relegated to the Best Supporting Actor nominee when he is clearly a lead? Take a look at this piece by Stephen A Russell for SBS on the push for a new category to recognise the contribution of stellar casts


I grew up listening to a pretty eclectic collection of music thanks to my punk Dad and my hippie Mum. Van Morrison was on frequent rotation, and I know that my mum will weep desperately when he stops making music (ie dies because he’ll never stop tbh). Anyway, BBCRadio ran a program last week on the influence of Van’s incredible career, and it is magic (Glen Hansard is my foreverking and I never tire of his rendition of Into The Mystic). If you’re a Brown Eyed Girl like me, catch it before the link expires on February 20!


Adaptations are swell when they’re done right. But with such a wealth of top-notch literature coming out of Australia, why aren’t we (or any other filmmaking country for that matter) optioning more of it for screen? Mark Poole looked into this over at The Guardian back in 2014, but it’s just as relevant today.


Anne Gracie is by far one of my favourite romance writers, and all-round excellent human being. Over on her blog, she’s got tips on procrastination, beating perfectionism and getting on with your writing. Thanks Anne!


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