Cool Stuff Sunday

Hello again darlings! It’s been a little while since I posted, so I’m sorry for skipping a few months. There’s been a few significant personal changes afoot, but I’m back for the week.

Let’s kick today off with this wonderful #longread by Gillian Dooley over at The Conversation on the enduring strength of Jane Austen, and the reasons why her works are much more than ‘courtship novels’.


Continuing with bookish links and general heroes, take a look at every book Emma Watson (AKA Hermione Granger AKA Belle AKA my OG kween) has ever recommended in the public sphere. *cries* why are there so many books to be read!? My shelves are breaking!


This wonderful piece on queerness over at Catalogue Mag is what I wish I could have read when I was 13.

There hasn’t been an easy answer to this question, because the world hasn’t made it an easy one to ask in the first place. But honestly, I don’t think you need to know if you are gay, or not. We’ve known for a really long time that sexuality is sliding scale but that doesn’t get enforced in our education, or societal conditioning, because queerness pretty much evades all the shitty pigeon-holing that keeps capitalism in place. So chill, I know! You don’t need to be ‘sure’ of anything to identify as queer. The strange, hetero prerequisite that you have to ‘know where you stand’ – be it bi, or 80% or only in movies, or when you masturbate, or 20% – only exists because of the pervasive, dangerous fear of the ‘other’. Going back to dominant cultures: they have to label everything because if it isn’t immediately ‘understood’ then it doesn’t exist. This is BS. You don’t need to be ‘sure’ of anything. Be mutable! Fall in love at will, in big and small ways! All ways! Remember: no one is ever asking straight folk to prove themselves.


And because I can’t go a week without talking about music (ps, Paramore’s ‘after laughter’ album review in the works) here’s an oral history of Hanson’s debut album Middle of Nowhere. Don’t pretend you don’t fucking love MMMBop. It’s pop perfection.


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