Cool Stuff Sunday

Two weeks ago I went back to Brisbane to spend time with my mum, and to make use of my ticket to see the utterly incomparable Hans Zimmer live with a friend. The depth and scope of his work in cinema over his lifetime is astounding. We both absolutely nerded the fuck out when our favourite scores were played, because sometimes music affects you to your bone marrow. I will never get over the way I feel when I hear the below, nor the fact I heard it live with my own ears while my eyes stared, overwhelmed, at the man who created it and the musicians who brought it to life. Thank you Hans. What an extraordinary evening.

Play this at my funeral.


I think Johnny Depp is well past his use-by date. Not only have his last, oh, bajillion, performances sucked, but he’s an absolute mess in interviews now (that Ellen show thing made me queasy) and his rep as a human is obviously pretty fucked after the “alleged” abuse against Amber Heard. Anyway. I’m over him as a person and as a concept, and aside from the fact I’m forced to watch his Grindelwald in Fantastic Beasts, I actively try to steer clear of films he has a role in. This article by The Hollywood Reporter had me gasping aloud though; an absolutely fascinating investigation of Depp’s spiral out of favour/out of money.


YA wunderkinds Jennifer Niven and Nicola Yoon talk to MTV about the importance and underestimation of YA fiction in pop culture.


My obsession with everything The Cusp publishes continues with these four tips to keeping on top of your health at work. As someone who often writes “look after yourself” at the bottom of the incessant to do list of life, these are simple and easy things to keep in mind/implement.


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