Cool Stuff Sunday

This is THE LEAST Hugh you’ve ever been. At the same time, though, there is enough deep-set, emotionally messed up Hugh to keep us hanging on. When he lies about how the duck died in the pond, we’re like, ‘there’s the Hugh we know!’ and collectively laugh along as he manipulates all those women.

Laughing forever at this excellent Top 5 list of Hugh Grant films to make you feel love again.


Low on funds but don’t want your social life to suffer? Here are a handful of genuinely great ideas to keep your party going while your profits climb.


Everybody at some point in their life feels like they’re a giant fraud–whether that’s in love, at work, or just generally in life. It happens, and if you’re going through it right now, take heart that you’re not alone. You’re also SO NOT A FRAUD! FastCompany have some techniques to help you identify your version of imposter syndrome and combat the shit out of it.


Did you ever fancy yourself in Longbourn, the house the Bennet’s occupied in the BBC mini-series adaptation of Pride & Prejudice? Same. Let’s pool our moneys and get our freaking hands on it then! Come on, it can be like time share. I’ll take it from August ’til January, and you can have the rest.


Lastly for today, take 12 minutes out of your day for this incredible video on the adaptation process for Arrival–one of the best films of 2016. If you’ve any mind for writing or film, you need to see this.


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