Review: 11 things about my Wonder Woman experience

1. The cinema I went to, on a Wednesday evening at dinner time, was literally full. As I walked past the session times board, a message flashed up: “2 seats left!”
As a former cinema employee, this is astounding in itself.

2. While the movie itself isn’t flawless, the insane female empowerment levels absolutely made up for any obvious villains, boring men being boring, or wobbly CGI still present.

3. For a film all about kick-arse women, every single fucking trailer preceding it was a story from and about men. Transformers number 48, Dunkirk (all five snippets and the full trailer!), Spiderman: Homecoming (soz mate, I’m not here for any other superhero rn), and Planet of the Apes number 264513. I mean. Are you serious? There wasn’t one film about or made by women coming up in the next six months that you could have played beforehand? There was a solid 35 minutes of pre-show advertising, and all of it was targeting dudes. Ugh.

credit: popsugar4. In approx. five years time, there will be three Diana’s per classroom, guaranteed.

5. I would really love for Sia to never sing a track for another movie ever again. She has had her fair share of end credits vocal time.

6. This story is a worship piece to women and our god damn #flawless selves. It is incredible what not seeing women through the lens of the male gaze can do for a female audience. Not once was I feeling like “fuck, my body is so inadequate because look at her (insert body part being ogled here)”. Every single woman was beautiful but their beauty had absolute sweet fuck all to do with the film, or their purpose in it. Their bodies were trained, their outfits practical, and their brains SHINING. All I wanted was to be an Amazon woman, kicking arse with that merry band of babes. And even then, when Diana was by herself in the world of men, she didn’t need a single one to achieve her endgame. (Sure, Steve sailed her to London and onwards to the frontlines, but if you think for one second she wouldn’t have found her way there herself if he didn’t, you are outside your damn mind.)

And I mean yeah okay Diana looked stunning at all times, but I didn’t feel like it was a taunt or a judgement or an unrealistic expectation I had to live up to somehow. Not once did the commentary about her appearance by the men she encountered in London persist to creepiness, misogyny or disrespect. And soon enough the way she looked was forgotten anyway when they realised her fierce, kind, intelligent determination was all she was about.


7. This film reminded me of something essential: the reasons men and women fight for anything are inherently different. This is a pretty general observation, but it seems like men will fight furiously to feel something (within the boundaries of “masculinity”), but women will fight with a fury like an inferno because they’ve felt something. We fight when we have to. Men fight because they can. This was really highlighted during the moment she’s caught under the steel, staring at an exploding plane. I don’t think I related more to Diana than I did in the following seconds. Any woman who has felt something crumble in their chest that way knows that you could literally kill someone with your bare hands – the adrenaline, the overwhelming, unrelenting pulse of emotion that zips in and out of your nerves… I’ve felt that. I’ve known that. So many women have. And I’m so grateful to Patty Jenkins for showing us that.

8. I would like to immediately purchase as Wonder Woman costume and wear it forever while I train my body to Amazonian goddess levels of strength kthx.

9. That viral tweet about a girl who felt like she could fight a thousand men bare-handed after seeing this? I felt that in my cells within five minutes of the opening scenes. And it was so easy. Show me women – strong, powerful women – who do not exist solely to be part of a man’s world, who do not exist solely to act as a man’s mother, sister, daughter or lover. Show me women who show me that I can do, or be, anything I choose without instruction or approval from a man. Tell me a woman’s story. Tell it to me with feeling, and with fire. I will see it a thousand times over.

credit: womenandhollywood

10. Can I get a minute for the sheer preciousness of the romance subplot. I wish we had more time, too, god damn it.

11. I’ve decided that the Independent Women film clip by Destiny’s Child needs to be recut with Wonder Woman footage instead of Charlie’s Angels okay good thank you.

9 whips outta 10 because I have never felt so good and so empowered as an adult woman as I did watching this.
I cannot wait to see Wonder Woman again.
Thank you Patty Jenkins, you absolute hero.



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