Cool Stuff Sunday

It’s been a crap day, so please enjoy things that have made me happy before midday happened.

I’ve been bursting to post this video on every social media channel possible since I saw Sing Street on Tuesday because I love everything about this ever so please enjoy this Back to The Future-inspired clip in which Aiden Gillen/Littlefinger dad-dances. You heard me.

This makes me so happy. GO SEE SING STREET.


San Diego Comic-Con is on again. You know how I know? Because about a thousand awesome trailers just hit my Facebook feed thanks to the massive platform it is for launching good shit™. Please enjoy the many I have watched this morning:

I do heartily enjoy Lego movies/video games so this is gon’ be CUTE.


They promised us The Biggest Kong Ever and they defs did, but you’re gonna need a lot of peanut butter to fill that one…



(it was a great joke, don’t pretend otherwise)


Am I excited or completely baffled by Guy Ritchie’s take on the Excalibur legend? You tell me, I don’t even know.


So…. Just….. YES.


In an interesting turn of events, the full trailer actually leaves me wondering why they’ve decided to film version of Eddie Redmayne’s PokemonGo experience????????? But it’s Potterverse so I will be there, at the first session, in my Hermione costume because yOU CANNOT TAKE THIS AWAY FROM ME.


White Stripes + Jason Momoa + Ezra Miller + Batfleck = I AM SO READY


This perfect Craigslist ad for a breakup blender is possibly my third favourite thing on the internet today (I really like trailers okay)


Review: JK Simmons whiplashin’ my nerves to hell

So ever since I saw the trailer a billion years ago, Whiplash has been on my Must See list of 2014. And, yes, I am aware, it’s now 2015 (thank you) and I’ve only just rented it today so shutup and stop pointing out my flaws okay?

Moving on. Miles Teller became one of my favourite PYT’s after his performance in The Spectacular Now, and I’ve seen just about everything he’s done since then. I also won a bunch of cool Insurgent related stuff at the premiere in my hometown because I knew who he was and apparently no one else in a whole full cinema did, so obvs we’re destined to get married. Anyway. Continue reading

Review part II: Backstreet’s actually back now, like, for reals guys

Yesterday I posted Part I of my journey through the back-catalogue of the Backstreet Boys’ discography, because I couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate their return to Australia than by bingeing on their infectiousness. We looked at their first two albums and the impact they had on 90s pop music. The timewarp continues with albums three, four and five below… Continue reading