Review: Wright on, wrong driver, Baby

About a month ago, the company I work for got an invite to a special preview screening of a film called Baby Driver. I’d never heard of it, not seen a trailer, didn’t know it existed until this invitation arrived in my inbox, and tbh, the poster looked bleh so I didn’t rush to check it out. Then I saw the name Edgar Wright. Made huge by his directorial ties to Simon Pegg/Nick Frost classics Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz (plus others but these are the best), Wright has established himself as man who creates fun, frenetic and just plain cool shit for the big screen. After that, I was all about whatever the fuck Baby Driver was. Continue reading


Cool Stuff Sunday: New Years edition

Holy shit guys, we’ve finally made it! Good-fucking-bye to you, 2016; see you in the seventh circle of hell!

New year, new stuff. Have a bunch of great ways to kick off your 2017.


Make sure you’re practicing some self-care this year. We’ve all had a shithouse time of it for the last 365 days, so pull your socks up and employ some of these tips to look after yourselves, babes ❤


Something that wasn’t shit about 2016 was the amount of incredible literature published. The Guardian asked some of Australia’s best-loved authors for their tops picks from 2016.

On the topic of “best of 2016” lists: the 50 best podcasts, and the 10 worst movies!


Make a resolution to get off your butt and get healthy this year? I probably did. Find your new running track in Brisbane here, take a holiday for your health here, pack better work lunches here, and if you just wanna work on yourself in the privacy and comfort of your own home, here are 5 core strengthening exercises that require only one thing: a wall.


If you want to travel more in 2017, get reading:


And finally, if you’ve set your sights on the dating scene, or just need some new ideas to enliven date night with your number one bae (I’m so sorry, I wrote this in 2016 and bae will definitely never appear in any future CSS posts), The Cusp have put together some super ideas that won’t empty your wallet.


Go forth into the bright sunshine of a new year my sweet babies. You deserve it x

Review: The Revenant retires my eyes from the game

I’d heard both good and unpleasant things about Alejandro Iñárritu’s revenge adaptation, The Revenant. I’d heard it compared to Grand Budapest Hotel in that every shot is an artwork, and I’d also heard it was long and boring. What I didn’t know a whole lot about before I went in was the storyworld. I had a basic awareness of the “son of revered man killed by jerk, man seeks slow and torturous death for jerk” plot, but that was kind of it.

So, armed with little knowledge and a bunch of mixed reviews, I strode into the cinema with a sliver of hope. What I got in return was the joy of watching what was unmistakably the most visually sublime piece of artistry I’ve seen in decades, and also the most traumatising. Continue reading

Review: An unexpectedly tragic trio of action films

One of the perks of loving movies is knowing what kind of expectations to go into one with. Sometimes I get it right, sometimes my instincts are way, way off. Luckily, I’m pretty discerning when it comes to disaster films, and with San Andreas, I knew without a doubt that I needed to walk into that cinema with my film nerd hat off, and locked in a closet somewhere. This was going to be a disastrous movie (Ha! Puns! Amirite tho!?) Continue reading

Review: JK Simmons whiplashin’ my nerves to hell

So ever since I saw the trailer a billion years ago, Whiplash has been on my Must See list of 2014. And, yes, I am aware, it’s now 2015 (thank you) and I’ve only just rented it today so shutup and stop pointing out my flaws okay?

Moving on. Miles Teller became one of my favourite PYT’s after his performance in The Spectacular Now, and I’ve seen just about everything he’s done since then. I also won a bunch of cool Insurgent related stuff at the premiere in my hometown because I knew who he was and apparently no one else in a whole full cinema did, so obvs we’re destined to get married. Anyway. Continue reading

Review: Fifty shades of boredom

There’s been a lot written about the adaptation of Fifty Shades of Grey, the blockbuster series by Twilight-lover EL James, and it doesn’t seem like anyone can really agree on much. Some people are fiercely supportive of the material, whereas others cry abuse at every turn. There are those who watch it lightheartedly, laughing at the completely cringetastic dialogue, and those who will shoosh the laughter in frustration (sexual or otherwise). What I will say for Fifty Shades is that, well, it certainly was a film. Continue reading

Review: Sexy Kiwi vampires are definitely worth the hype

I’ve been a big fan of Taika Waititi since seeing his 2007 feature film Eagle vs Shark, an hilarious and incredibly awkward film featuring Jemaine Clement (of Flight of the Conchords fame) and Loren Taylor. Fans of Napoleon Dynamite should invest a couple of hours into it. ANYWAY. Waititi followed this gem up with directing episodes of Flight of the Conchords (on HBO), The Inbetweeners (on iTV), and a beautiful feature film called Boy (which remains one of my favourite films of 2010). Needless to say, when I heard he was directing and starring in a vampire mockumentary, I was very intrigued.

Continue reading

Review: Enraging butt stuff courtesy of Kingsman

Having never been a huge Bond fan, I go into other spy films with a wary eye. When I saw the trailer for Kingsman: The Secret Service though, I was all in and completely impatient for it’s Australian release date. Who wouldn’t be for Colin Firth as a middle-aged spy in a dapper-as-fuck suit, and some sort of Hunger Games-esque trial for new recruits? (unintentional poetry btw) Continue reading

Review: Big hero ticks for Big Hero 6

There’s nothing I love more than a solid animated film. It harks back to my days as a kid, spending hours at my grandparents house on holiday with my cousins. We would be doing one of about four things: swimming in the pool, taking turns playing CoolBoarders or Tekken on the Playstation, eating something amazing our Nana had made, or watching a Disney film. We always picked which characters we were going to be, and being the oldest girl, I always got to be the princess. Or mermaid. Or samurai. You get the point: I grew up envisaging myself in Disney films. And my love for Disney has endured well into my mid-twenties.

Continue reading

Review: I learned more about Gallipoli from Russell Crowe than my entire schooling experience

Without a doubt, Gallipoli is part of what Australia and it’s people stand for. It is part of our folklore, our history, our culture. We are taught about the importance of the ANZAC spirit and mateship from a very young age, throughout school, and beyond. None of us who know it now can ever claim to understand the experiences the men who fought on the beach went through, but there have been many, many depictions over the years, that attempt to help us make sense of what occurred. The Water Diviner is another such film, and is essential viewing for all of us. And not just because it’s another Gallipoli story. Continue reading