Review: Sexy Kiwi vampires are definitely worth the hype

I’ve been a big fan of Taika Waititi since seeing his 2007 feature film Eagle vs Shark, an hilarious and incredibly awkward film featuring Jemaine Clement (of Flight of the Conchords fame) and Loren Taylor. Fans of Napoleon Dynamite should invest a couple of hours into it. ANYWAY. Waititi followed this gem up with directing episodes of Flight of the Conchords (on HBO), The Inbetweeners (on iTV), and a beautiful feature film called Boy (which remains one of my favourite films of 2010). Needless to say, when I heard he was directing and starring in a vampire mockumentary, I was very intrigued.

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Review: I’m sticking by Paper Planes

In my line of work, I’ve had the opportunity to meet and work with some amazing humans from the writing industry: literary agents, publishers, booksellers, and of course writers. Every now and then I’ll be in touch with someone who walks me into a pole with admiration. Today I had it backwards. Today the pole walked into me. Continue reading

Review: I learned more about Gallipoli from Russell Crowe than my entire schooling experience

Without a doubt, Gallipoli is part of what Australia and it’s people stand for. It is part of our folklore, our history, our culture. We are taught about the importance of the ANZAC spirit and mateship from a very young age, throughout school, and beyond. None of us who know it now can ever claim to understand the experiences the men who fought on the beach went through, but there have been many, many depictions over the years, that attempt to help us make sense of what occurred. The Water Diviner is another such film, and is essential viewing for all of us. And not just because it’s another Gallipoli story. Continue reading

Review: St. Vincent is the grumpy neighbour we all need in our lives

There seems to be a bit of a joke in the film industry nowadays that, to me, pertains solely to Robert Downey Jr and Bill Murray. The joke is that when these guys are cast in films, it’s because of who they are IRL, not what they can necessarily bring to a role. For instance, Robert Downey Jr. has been the same character in the last handful of films I’ve seen from him: The Judge, Iron Man, Zodiac (yeah shut up I only just saw it in October) etc. Casting directors hire RDJ to be RDJ, and I think a similar thing can be said for Bill Murray, with the vague exceptions of Lost in Translation and Ghostbusters (because in the 80s Bill Murray wasn’t quite Bill Murray, y’know?) Continue reading

Review: Annie is the adorable cheesefest 2014 needed

As individual components, pieces of the newest adaptation of Annie make me squeal with glee. It’s a musical; check. Jamie Foxx is in it; check. Cameron Diaz is playing a horrible trashtastic foster mother; check. Rose Byrne is there too; check. New York; check. How can I not love this film, right? Well look. Here’s the thing. I didn’t not like it. It’s just not the blockbuster musical film I had dreamed about.

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Review: How Labor Day crushed me in the final line of script

In the midst of watching Josh Brolin softly grip Kate Winslet’s ankle to tie her to a chair, I decided I loved Labor Day. Even despite the glaringly obvious pitfalls – no, you wouldn’t just allow a guy with a bullet wound to his stomach and blood all over his face into your house, especially after you found out he was previously convicted for murder without raising the alarm. (Shhhh, never mind that now.) But it really wasn’t until the movie ended that I realised how much I could relate to the story. I’ve never been approached by an escaped prisoner in a department store, nor have I ever housed a fugutive for a week in my home. No, that’s not how I connected to it. Continue reading

Review: Was Clue better as a board game or a film?

Have you ever played Clue (or Cluedo for those playing at home in Australia)? Of course you have. We all have. You’re Colonel Mustard, or Wandsworth the Butler, or Miss Scarlett, and someone is dead at the hands of one of the players. The aim of the game is to figure out who the killer is and what their weapon of choice was. Hilarious and fun, the game can last hours, and it’s pretty entertaining to play on a rainy night with the lights out. Continue reading

Review: Now You See Me…? No. No I didn’t.

In February, I worked my last shift as a Duty Manager at my local cinema. Now, one of the better perks of working there was the joy of the trailer loop that played on our foyer plasmas 24/7 (unless you’re talking about Despicable Me 2 – we played that trailer for a year and by GOD I have sworn I won’t ever see that movie on principle alone.)

On my last day, we aired a new loop, and I caught the last minute of something that looked cool. Magicians robbing banks. Jesse Eisenberg, Woody Harrelson, Isla Fisher and Dave Franco. Robbing banks with magic. Morgan Freeman, Mark Ruffalo and Michael Caine also part of the cast.
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